Ananti Resort – Montenegro


Our mission is to bring together all the traditional hotel supports into one bespoke digital high-end solution. The Bookvideo bespoke products will be introduced in the hotel Rooms with our In-room Bookvideo, where guests can explore the hotel facilities & restaurant menu. They can be also order room service or complete their in-room breakfast in a couple of easy clicks. The hotel restaurant menus will be also introduced. Lastly, screens will be introduced in the hotel lobby to greet guests and immerse them from the very start of their customer journey, into the many high-end services offered by the hotel.


Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club is the only 5 star deluxe resort in Montenegro that offers a selection of independent villas. Encompassing exclusive and spacious villas and residences complimented by a plethora of amenities including a beach, a signature Asian fusion restaurant, kids club, SPA and fitness center – all nested in the quaint and charming inlet of Rezevici.

Inspired by Asian and Middle – Eastern luxury, the essence of the five-star brand is to provide the ultimate enjoyment and happiness to all its residents and guests. Every step of the journey in Ānanti, from check in to check out, is meticulously crafted to offer a carefree and relaxed stay.

Ānanti is about creating experiences and memories that the guests will always want to live again and come back to.

The architecture of the development is designed to scrupulous detail, maximizing the beautiful and natural surroundings of Rezevici. Olive groves and parks neighboring the resort, beaches, iconic views and zero traffic within the resort, all contribute to the most luxurious and peaceful stay that attracts the most discerning clientele.

“The part of the Adriatic Coast belonging to Montenegro is the purest part of the Mediterranean”



Stephanie Reinert